DECOTECH Metal Profile Factory, is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier, of a comprehensive range of building products that include Partition and Ceiling profiles, Metal Ceiling Tiles, Expanded metal products and Cable Tray Management Systems. Established in the years 2010, Decotech Metal Profile Factory has emerged as market leaders in the manufacturing of Aluminum Ceiling Tiles and Dry Wall Partition Systems.

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Decotech Metal Profile Factory 

Our team of qualified, experienced engineers and technicians can design and build as per client specifications. We are consistently working on technical innovations in order to improve the characteristics of our products, and monitor our manufacturing processes to continuously optimize it to ensure our clients the highest levels of product quality and workmanship, including on-time completion.

The company has satisfied its domestic clients with various quality products and services since its inception. With a fully equipped facility extending over 4500 sqm, in New Small and Medium Industrial estate at Salwa Road Qatar, the factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for manufacturing its products. We differentiate ourselves by offering a complete solution for our clients (Design, Fabrication, & Supply). We can ensure timely project completion, end-to-end quality management, and budget control. Our employees are trained in the importance of value engineering, thus providing solutions, not just products.

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Decotech Furring System

The concealed gypsum ceiling consists of screw fixed plasterboard attached to the Ceiling furring System suspended from joists or a concrete ceiling.

Decotech Metal Ceilings

Technical Charecteristics

LIGHT REFLECTANCE: LR= 70 - 90% (ASTM E 1477).

CORROSION RESISTANCE : Salt spray tested for 1000 hours corrosion protection (ASTM B 117-73).

CLEANABILITY: Washable by applying any household mild detergent like soap or window cleaner on the ceiling, surface then wiping it with a clean soft cloth.

FIRE RESISTANCE : Class A Product (ASTM E84).

ACOUSTIC PROPERTY : NRC = 0.7 - 0.9 (ASTM C423-01) CLASS C [perforated tile with acoustic fleece].

GREEN BUILDING MATERIAL: Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.


ANTI-MICROBIAL: Hygienic coating can be provided upon request, having excellent anti-bacterial properties (JIS Z 2801:200.

DecoTech Access Panel Factory

Access panels are gypsum-based built-in accessories for the ceiling. They are planted in various areas of the suspended ceilings, shaft walls, or drywall partitions that require access for constant adjustments, inspections, and revisions. Ventilation ducts, electrical control outlets: pipes and valves can be given as examples to these areas.

To meet the individual needs of the clients with special attention, DECOTECH manufactures and supplies various types of access panels in customized sizes.

And various other types of access panels like Diffuser type, Wall mount type, etc.The standard sizes of the above access panels are

  • Standard Type Access Panels. 
  • Smart Type Access Panels.
  • 60 cms x 60 cms
  • 50 cms x 50 cms
  • 45 cms x 45 cms
  • 40 cms x 40 cms
  • 30 cms x 30 cms




mark the area in which the  panel has to be fixed cut the marked : area a recquired to suit the pre installed panel.

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Dry Wall Partition System

The Dry-wall Partitioning system is manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanised steel in standard sizes and stock lengths. Custom sizes and length are available on request. DECOTECH product line offer variety of gauges to economically meet your design requirements.

Block Work  And Plastering Accessories

Decotech Metal Ceiling

Access Panels

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