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decotech metal Profiles & Ceiling Tiles with system

What We Do 

We are pleased to introduce ourselves, DECOTECH Metal Profile Factory, As a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, of a comprehensive range of building products that include Expanded metal products, Partition & ceiling profiles, and cable tray management systems, Under our brand name DECOTECH.

manufacture of Ceiling &

partitIon product

Decotech Furring System

Dry Wall Partitioning System

The Drywall Partitioning system is manufactured from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel in standard sizes and stock lengths. Custom sizes and lengths are available on request. DECOTECH product line offers a variety of gauges to economically meet your design requirements.

DECOTECH Hinge Down System can be used in the areas where frequent access to the ceiling void is needed. The range of highly versatile clip-in metal ceiling tile offer hinge-down access throughout as standard.

Decotech Hinge Down System

Upward Accessibility Because each tile has flanges that simply rest on the T-Grid profiles, access to the plenum is achieved by lifting the tile into the area above the ceiling. 

Decotech Lay In Tiles Systems

Our ceiling suspension grids are double web cold-rolled sections, manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel, conform to ASTM 653A. The tee section is pre-painted capped. It is given to ensure that the system is manufactured to a very high quality level. 

Decotech Suspension Grid

The DECOTECH DUD-DCD Suspended Ceiling System with metal grid consists of DECOTECH DCD and Decotech DUD channels. DCD channels are attached to the ceiling slab with hooked wires and rapid hangers or with Heavy Hangers. DCD channels are attached to channels with Clips. 

Decotech DUD-DCD Suspended Ceiling System

The concealed gypsum ceiling consists of screw fixed plasterboard attached to the Ceiling furring System suspended from joists or a concrete ceiling.